This Day in History: The Battle of Sekigahara

Foreward: As a history buff, I’ve been meaning to write a “This day in history” series for a while now, with the aim of spreading awareness and cultivating interest in history. This particular article contains many Japanese words which i have provided the Kanji (Japanese script), phonetics as well as translation when appropriate Historical Background … More This Day in History: The Battle of Sekigahara

Stick to the plan

  Financial markets are like the ocean, and the investor the captain of the ship that must sail across the wide expanse. The wise captain knows that he will encounter both fair weather and storms during his voyage, but he cannot be sure when and for how long each will last. He thus must sail … More Stick to the plan

Curiosity on Curiosity

Leonardo Da Vinci. Walt Disney. Srinivasa Ramanujan. Abraham Lincoln. Michael Faraday.These names have left an impression in indelible ink on the parchment of history. They all have one thing in common: they were all self – taught, a feat only possible through curiosity and a love of learning. Curiosity is the desire to obtain new knowledge, either to … More Curiosity on Curiosity

Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts, a portmanteau of the word iPod and broadcast, are a modern version of the radio telecast, differing in the fact that they are usually pre-recorded and stored on the broadcaster’s server from where a client application can access them. I personally recommend Podcast Addict,  which allows you to search for, subscribe to and stream … More Podcast Recommendations

“What Happens after you buy a stock” by Professor Bakshi at the BSE

I had the privilege of attending Professor Bakshi’s second talk at the BSE, having also attended the first one last year, where he spoke about the deadly consequences of risk seeking behavior.  The event itself was a full house, held in the iconic convention center, seating a full house of around 600 people. Apart from … More “What Happens after you buy a stock” by Professor Bakshi at the BSE