Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts, a portmanteau of the word iPod and broadcast, are a modern version of the radio telecast, differing in the fact that they are usually pre-recorded and stored on the broadcaster’s server from where a client application can access them. I personally recommend Podcast Addict,  which allows you to search for, subscribe to and stream or download podcasts.

The recent price war that Reliance has triggered in the telecom market has led to other providers following suite in offering increasing amounts of 4G data on their standard plans. I now have 3gb on my personal Airtel number and 7gb on my corporate Vodafone number. I have an unlimited broadband plan at home, so I only need the data when I’m outside. I quickly realized that the most effective use of this data for me is streaming podcasts during the periods in my commute where I am unable to read my Kindle.

They are a great way to learn while you do something else, as my mom would attest to (she listens to them while cooking).

To get you started, here are some of my recommendations:

  1. The Investor’s Podcast:  Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson host this wonderful show where they read and discuss books written by or recommended by billionaires, and often bring on the authors and other prominent guests in the field of finance and investing.
  2. The Knowledge Project: Hosted by Shane Parrish of Farnam Street, arguably the most multidisciplinary blog on the internet. With big names like Michael Mauboussin, Professor Sanjay Bakshi, Philip Tetlock, Jason Zweig and Morgan Housel on the guest list, this is one fantastic complement an already legendary site.
  3. Planet Money: National Public Radio  (NPR) in the United States is a syndicator for a network over 900 radio stations. Planet Money is a long-running podcast which talks about topics related to economics and finance in a simple format that is accessible to the layman.
  4. The Meb Faber show: Meb Faber, portfolio manager at Cambria investments and author of various books talks about his investing strategies,
  5. 50 Things that made the Modern Economy: Tim Harford became one of my favourite economists after I read his books “Adapt” and “The Undercover Economist”. He has a flair for explaining with conceptual clarity, and on this BBC programme he discusses many interesting inventions and ideas that shaped the world over the last few centuries.
  6. Stoic Podcast: An investing oriented podcast co-hosted by Manish Dhawan and Puneet Khurana, unique in this list in that it has had a healthy mix of both notable Indian and International investors sharing their knowledge and experience.
  7. Invest like the Best: Patrick O’Shaughnessy, portfolio manager, author and creator of the Investor’s Field Guide hosts many notable names including include Ian Cassel of MicroCapClub, Brent Beshore, founder and CEO of Adventur.es and Josh Brown of the Reformed Broker.
  8. How I built ThisThe second NPR podcast on this list, How I built this is a podcast centered around innovators, entrepreneurs and businessmen and the stories behind them.

If you have a podcast that you like, please do leave a recommendation in the comments. I’m always looking out for new sources to learn from.


One thought on “Podcast Recommendations

  1. Pls include- ‘ The Time Ferris Show’ to the above list. It has benefits & fun of all the above and more.

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