Reducing Mental Clutter

“Warren is sitting on top of an empire now, and you look at his schedule sometimes, and there’s a haircut. ‘Tuesday: Haircut Day’ “ – Charlie Munger on Buffett’s schedule John Maynard Keynes famously predicted in 1930 that the working week would be drastically cut, to perhaps 15 hours a week, with people choosing to have … More Reducing Mental Clutter

Chapter 2017, Page 1

As an eventful 2016 chapter has drawn to a close, I am reminded of how uncertain our world is. As Yuval Harari writes in his wonderful book “Homo Deus” “Centuries ago human knowledge increased slowly, so politics and economics changed at a leisurely pace too. Today our knowledge is increasing at breakneck speed, and theoretically … More Chapter 2017, Page 1

Incrementally wiser

Birthdays are traditionally a time of celebration. A get together with friends and family, presents, parties and the like. For me, more importantly, they are a time for reflection. Reflections on the road I’ve traveled, thinking over what I’ve learned along the way. I daresay some of these might seem like common sense, self evident … More Incrementally wiser

Process vs Outcome: Consider Base Rates & Alternative Histories

What if Germany and the Axis powers had won World War 2? It is a provocative question, one that has become the subject of a lot of theories over the years, even spawning a whole genre of alternative fiction. Yet it is not as far fetched as it might seem, with Germany enjoying early successes … More Process vs Outcome: Consider Base Rates & Alternative Histories