Curiosity on Curiosity

Leonardo Da Vinci. Walt Disney. Srinivasa Ramanujan. Abraham Lincoln. Michael Faraday.These names have left an impression in indelible ink on the parchment of history. They all have one thing in common: they were all self – taught, a feat only possible through curiosity and a love of learning. Curiosity is the desire to obtain new knowledge, either to … More Curiosity on Curiosity

Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts, a portmanteau of the word iPod and broadcast, are a modern version of the radio telecast, differing in the fact that they are usually pre-recorded and stored on the broadcaster’s server from where a client application can access them. I personally recommend Podcast Addict,  which allows you to search for, subscribe to and stream … More Podcast Recommendations

“What Happens after you buy a stock” by Professor Bakshi at the BSE

I had the privilege of attending Professor Bakshi’s second talk at the BSE, having also attended the first one last year, where he spoke about the deadly consequences of risk seeking behavior.  The event itself was a full house, held in the iconic convention center, seating a full house of around 600 people. Apart from … More “What Happens after you buy a stock” by Professor Bakshi at the BSE

Reducing Mental Clutter

“Warren is sitting on top of an empire now, and you look at his schedule sometimes, and there’s a haircut. ‘Tuesday: Haircut Day’ “ – Charlie Munger on Buffett’s schedule John Maynard Keynes famously predicted in 1930 that the working week would be drastically cut, to perhaps 15 hours a week, with people choosing to have … More Reducing Mental Clutter

Chapter 2017, Page 1

As an eventful 2016 chapter has drawn to a close, I am reminded of how uncertain our world is. As Yuval Harari writes in his wonderful book “Homo Deus” “Centuries ago human knowledge increased slowly, so politics and economics changed at a leisurely pace too. Today our knowledge is increasing at breakneck speed, and theoretically … More Chapter 2017, Page 1