Short story – I’m a Telecommunications Engineer + MBA in Finance by formal education. I used to think that it meant I was fairly smart and well educated (“The fool doth think himself wise”) till I came across Charlie Munger. His breadth of knowledge and wisdom is truly mindboggling to comprehend, and in particular, 3 core principles stuck with me

  1. The idea of reading widely across disciplines to acquire “mental models” to better understand the world, and asking “why?” frequently.
  2. The idea that wisdom acquisition is a moral responsibility, and we should do what we can to share our knowledge for the benefit of society
  3. The idea to seek wealth, not for the purposes of opulent living, but to be independent and free to live life as you chose.

I have been writing for a while now, on places like Facebook groups, Quora and Twitter but it did strike me that I wanted to build my own knowledge repository, a place to gather thoughts on various fields that interest me, preserve and share them. Perhaps it will be part of my legacy – a shrine to erudition, and perhaps someday my progeny shall benefit. In the meantime, it will most certainly help contribute to my own learning process. Seneca the Younger once said – “Docendo discimus” or “By teaching we learn”. I do not know how this site will evolve or how my thinking will. I just know it will be one heck of a ride.

I’d be honoured if you would take the time to share your feedback and thoughts.


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